About Us

Thrust Wheel was created by a bunch of people who love to do all things fun. The recent development of batteries and motors has opened up a new era of personnel transportation.  Getting around just got a whole lot easier, funner and cooler.  New types of transport like the electric unicycle are starting to catch fire as people discover how much fun the last mile can be. As the technology advances, the last mile is now turning into multiple miles with no limits on range, power and comfort.  Our back ground includes skateboarding, snowboarding, BMXing  and all the things we loved to do as kids. At Thrust Wheel we take pride in picking the best manufacturers to work with and the best products to offer our customers. If we won't use it, we wont sell it. We are here from 9-5 to answer any questions you might have, so give us a call or shoot us an email. (516)-531-3598 / info@ThrustWheel.com